CERTIFIED CLEANING sells, develops and supports commercial cleaning franchises in Puerto Rico. Our base operation began in 2008 and has helped dozens of people build commercial cleaning businesses using our CERTIFIED CLEANING system and processes.

We train our franchise owners to perform a better and more cost effective cleaning based on specific tasks, using the most effective technology, with quality control processes and above all customer service that allows our franchise owners to keep customers satisfied and continue to grow.

  • Our mission is to promote economic and personal growth to our group of independent entrepreneurs.
  • Our vision is to be recognized as the leading supplier in our commercial cleaning market.
  • Our values are to work with integrity, mutual respect, honesty and in team with our franchise owners, customers, employees and our community.

CERTIFIED CLEANING is focused on the growth and development of its brands, processes, systems, franchises and customer base throughout Puerto Rico. CERTIFIED CLEANING is # 1, and continues to grow!