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CHOOSE CLIENTS AND HOURS. You determine your hours and schedule.

HOME BASED. No additional office expenses.

NO SELLING. We provide clients. You focus on keeping them clean and happy.

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. We train you in our very successful proven system.

FULL OR PART TIME. You decide. You are your own boss.


  • LOW INVESTMENT. Start from $1000-$50,000.
  • EASY FINANCING. No hassle. Our system can help you start and grow.
  • SMALL, MEDIUM OR BIG. You grow as big as your objectives and capacity.
  • STEADY CASH FLOW from monthly contracts and continuous demand.
  • USE OUR BRANDS AND PROCESS to own a solid business.


  • YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN, BUT NOT ALONE! We support you all the way!
  • WE DO BILLING. No need to set up billing system.
  • WE DO COLLECTION. No hassles. No squabbles.
  • WE PROVIDE FIELD CONSULTING. For special needs and cleaning issues, we have the expertise to guide you.
  • CONTINUOUS TRAINING. In the field or in house, we keep you up to date.
  • APPROVED SUPPLIERS AND DISCOUNT. You don’t have to shop around and do trial and error.


  • HUGE MARKET Every site need cleaning.
  • PROFITABLE special services
  • SPACE TO GROW. Not dominated by one company.
  • WEAK COMPETITION. Mostly mom and pop operations.
  • INDUSTRY LACKS technology and efficiency.
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  • Contact us for an appointment.
  • You can be in business as fast as 6 weeks.
  • There is never a better time than now.
  • Ask about our money back agreement.
  • Nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
  • The information is free. The opportunity is special!


I started in 2012 with a $950 investment. I continued my studies and recently graduated as an Engineer. I married and started a family My CERTIFIED CLEANING franchise now does over $500,000 per year. CERTIFIED CLEANING has been everything I expected and more. There is no limit if you work hard You get all the help you need to grow your business.F. Vazquez CERTIFIED FRANCHISE OWNER

I was the third Franchise in Puerto Rico in 2008. It has always been a second income for my family as both my wife and I hold managerial job in major companies. With the help of other family members we have developed our business significantly which provides extra security and income for our future.W. Crespo CERTIFIED FRANCHISE OWNER

I have grown my business from $400 per month to $7200 per month since 2013. Clients value my entrepreneurship and service. I took some time to care for my father until he recently passed away. CERTIFIED CLEANING gives me flexibility and opportunity to fulfill my responsibilities. I am my own boss. I have financial independence and I love what I do.V. De Jesús CERTIFIED FRANCHISE OWNER